Ep 6: Author Karina Yan Glaser on “The Vanderbeekers And The Hidden Garden”

Author Karina Yan Glaser joins me on the podcast this week to discuss the second book in her beloved middle-grade series, The Vanderbeekers and the Hidden Garden. Vanderbeeker fans will get to revisit this lovable family beginning September 25th when the book comes out.

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Books and Resources Mentioned On This Episode:

Look for these books at your local library or bookstore or use the links below to order them online.

The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street


Indiebound     Amazon      Amazon Kindle

The Vanderbeekers and the Hidden Garden


Indiebound     Amazon      Amazon Kindle

National Novel Writing Month

The Saturdays 


Indiebound     Amazon      Amazon Kindle

All of a Kind Family


Shop your local indie bookstore”>Indiebound     Amazon    Amazon Kindle

Anne of Green Gables


Indiebound   Amazon      Amazon Kindle



Indiebound     Amazon

Harry Potter


Indiebound     Amazon      Amazon Kindle

The Secret Garden


Indiebound     Amazon      Amazon Kindle

Next Year in Havana


Indiebound     Amazon      Amazon Kindle

Business Pig


Indiebound     Amazon

You can find out more about Karina Yan Glaser on her website, karinaglaser.com Follow her on Twitter @KarinaYanGlaser and on Instagram @karinaisreadingandwriting. You can find Karina Yan Glaser on Book Riot here and sign up for her kidlit newsletter here.

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Happy Reading and Listening!

Laura Szaro Kopinski



Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  I also participate in the Indiebound Affiliate program.

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