Ep. 97: Jennieke Cohen, Author of My Fine Fellow

Jennieke Cohen is on the podcast this week to discuss her new young adult novel, My Fine Fellow, which is a retelling of My Fair Lady set in 1830s London. 

I adored My Fine Fellow and agree with author Stacey Lee who called it “a fun dish of a novel with a healthy sprinkle of feminism. My Fine Fellow is fresh as the rain in Spain.” 



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Jennieke Cohen is a Filipina-American author of young adult historical fiction. Her debut novel, Dangerous Alliance, was a Junior Library Guild selection and has been translated into multiple languages. Jennieke studied English history at Cambridge University and has a master’s degree in professional writing from the University of Southern California.

To learn more about Jennieke Cohen and follow her on social media visit https://www.jenniekecohen.com.

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Laura Szaro Kopinski


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