Ep. 96: Patti Callahan Henry, Author of Once Upon a Wardrobe

Bestselling novelist and Friends & Fiction co-host Patti Callahan Henry joins the show this week to tell us about her new book Once Upon a Wardrobe, which pulls back the curtain on the early life of C. S. Lewis. 

We discussed what the Narnia books have meant to Patti, how the pandemic set this novel in motion,  soaking up the magic of the setting on a research trip, and much more.




I advise you to read this book, then wait for a while and then read it again, for while it may not be Narnia, there is magic in it.”  —Douglas Gresham, C.S. Lewis’ Stepson

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Patti Callahan Henry is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of sixteen novels and podcast host. She is the recipient of The Christy Award 2019 Winner “Book of the Year”; The Harper Lee Distinguished Writer of the Year for 2020 and the Alabama Library Association Book of the Year for 2019. She is the co-host and co-creator of the popular weekly online Friends and Fiction live web show and podcast. Patti is also a contributor to the monthly life lesson essay column for Parade Magazine. A full-time author and mother of three, she now resides in both Mountain Brook, Alabama, and Bluffton, South Carolina with her husband.

To learn more about Patti Callahan Henry and follow her on social media visit https://www.patticallahanhenry.com/.

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