Mothers’ Day Read In

What are you doing for Mothers’ Day this year?

If you’re a bookish introvert like me, with littles at home, your idea of a fun celebration might look quite different than normal. Usually we go to a lilac festival in Boston as a family and out to lunch. This year, all I want is to read all day in bed by myself with coffee.

I want to kiss my kids as they hand me something tasty to eat, then send them on their way so I can soak up some quiet and escape into the pages of a book!

Ideal Mothers’ Day night? I’ve been saving renting the new Little Women and I think this is the perfect time for some Jo and Marmee.

Now I just have to decide what to read! I’m thinking something comforting, preferably book related…and British.

What books are you planning to curl up with on Mothers’ Day? I hope you can treat yourself to #MomsReadIn and #MarmeeMovieNight

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And to the moms who are essential workers and can’t be home, we see you and are sending Mother’s Day love your way!

Happy Mothers’ Day Mamas!

Stay safe and happy reading,

Laura Szaro Kopinski

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