Ten Books For Parents At Home With Little Ones

Life at home with littles is a challenge for everyone right now.

Let’s be honest. Sometimes this season of survival means watching Frozen 2 for the tenth time. But I am trying to put at least one “homeschool-ish” activity on my to-do list every day that will bring some joy, creativity, or nature into our lives.

When in doubt, go to the books!

Right now, I don’t have the mental energy (or time) to come up with many interesting activities on my own. This is not a time for me to scroll Pinterest for ideas. I want a few concrete choices, contained in a handful of titles.

So far that’s meant things like baking muffins together from The Complete Baking Books for Young Chefs or breaking out the glue and tissue paper for a sun catcher craft from The Artful Parent. 

And to get in a positive headspace and find some tips, I’m reading and listening to some parenting and homeschooling books as well.

All of these titles are inspiring me to reach for joy and moments of connection with my kids during this season.

Bookish Bonus: I’ve been able to order some of these books from local bookstores as a way to support them. Each of these titles has a link to Indiebound, where you can choose to order them from your local indie bookstore.*

1. Brave Learner

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This book from Julie Bogart has been my bedtime read for the past couple of weeks. It’s all about her adventures homeschooling her kids and is inspiring me to embrace this lifestyle for now. My favorite practical idea from this book so far is having my preschooler practice math skills by counting down from 10, then jumping off the couch, yelling “blast off!” A true crowd pleaser.


2. The Book of Gardening Projects for Kids: 101 Ways to Get Kids Outside, Dirty, and Having Fun

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I feel very lucky to have a backyard right now and we’re trying to take advantage. Planting a garden is my idea of science fun, so we’ve been starting flower and vegetable seeds together lately. This book has plenty of inspiration to help keep kids busy and learning outdoors.


3. The Read Aloud Family

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This is another book by a homeschooling parent that I read a couple of years ago. It reminds me that we’re doing plenty to help our kids learn already (like reading aloud picture books or watching virtual storytimes).


4. The Complete Baking Book For Young Chefs

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Baking is one of my favorite hobbies and this is a fun book to get kids involved. (Bonus: you’re using new vocabulary and math skills).


5. The Artful Parent: Simple Ways to Fill Your Family’s Life With Art & Creativity

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There are so many fun and simple arts and crafts projects in here to do together, but more than that, author Jean Van’t Hul presents an approach for raising creative kids. Stay tuned for an upcoming A Bookish Home podcast episode with Jean!


6. How To Be A Happier Parent

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This book has been on my TBR list for a long time, since I’m a big fan of author KJ Dell’Antonia’s podcast, #AmWriting. If there was ever a time to get a handle on the aspects of parenting that suck the life out of us, it’s now (think chores, sibling squabbles, and homework). I’ve been listening to the audiobook from the library and it’s nice company while doing the dishes or putting away laundry that makes me feel extra productive

7. You Are A Lion: And Other Fun Yoga Poses

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This fun picture book doubles as a read loud and a yoga workout for your kids (and you!) Each pose is illustrated as a different animal to help little yogis. We were able to get this as an ebook from the public library and we’ll open it on my computer, but mirror it on the tv so it’s easier to see. (And so no little hands play with the keyboard!)


8. There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather: A Scandinavian Mom’s Secrets for Raising Healthy, Resilient, and Confident Kids

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I really enjoyed past A Bookish Home podcast guest Linda McGurk’s reflections on outdoor play and child development in this book and have been drawing on it when thinking about the simple experiences that help our kids learn and grow.

9. Simple STEAM: 50+ Activities for Ages 3 to 6

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simple steam

This book is full of engaging STEAM activities. We did the watercolor butterfly activity and it kept my daughter busy and happy for a good half an hour. We’ll take it!

10. Play The Forest School Way

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If you’re ever stuck for ideas of fun things to do in your backyard, this book has interesting games and crafts. There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather mentions the popularity of Forest Schools, so I’m excited to delve into this one more. So far we’ve made some hats with nature treasures using one of the activities as inspiration.


What books are you reading at home right now? Let us know us know on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram @ABookishHome.

Happy Reading and Listening!

Laura Szaro Kopinski


*Affiliate links are used in this post. At no extra cost to you, we may receive a small commission if you purchase something through the links provided. Thanks for supporting A Bookish Home!



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