Ep. 26: Author Francie Latour and Illustrator Ken Daley on Auntie Luce’s Talking Paintings

This week I’m excited to share an interview with Francie Latour and Ken Daley, the team behind Auntie Luce’s Talking Paintings. This is a beautiful, thought-provoking picture book you’ll want to share with the kids in your life.

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Books Mentioned On This Episode:

Auntie Luce’s Talking Paintings

Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut

American Street



You can find Francie Latour at Francielatour.com.

Ken Daley is at https://www.kendaleyart.com.

There is also a Facebook page for the book @AuntieLuce.

Image result for auntie luce

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Happy Reading and Listening!

Laura Szaro Kopinski


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