Ep. 133: Arianna Warsaw-Fan Rauch Demystifies the World of Classical Music

Today my guest is Arianna Warsaw-Fan Rauch, author of Declassified: A Low-Key Guide to the High-Strung World of Classical Music.

In a starred review, Booklist says of Declassified, “Cue vigorous applause and a standing ovation because Declassified is an enchanting and exhilarating tour de force.” 




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About the Author:

Arianna Warsaw-Fan Rauch earned a Bachelor degree and Master of Music from the Juilliard School and has performed as a classical violinist in top venues around the world including Carnegie Hall, Boston Symphony Hall, and the Ravinia, Verbier (verbiay), La Jolla (la hoya)  Summerfest, and Aspen Music festivals. She has toured with such legendary artists as jazz trumpeter Chris Botti (bow-tee) and Sir James Galway. Declassified is her first book. Learn more: https://www.ariannarauch.com/


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Laura Szaro Kopinski


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