Ep. 60: Amy Poeppel, Author of Musical Chairs

This week I’m delighted to welcome Amy Poeppel to the podcast, author of the new novel, Musical Chairs. This is my favorite kind of summer novel. You won’t be able to stop turning the pages by the pool, unless it’s to pause and laugh out loud, or to stop and savor some beautiful observation about life and relationships.


“A story of deep friendship . . . a story of motherhood, of daughterhood, and of sisterhood—when to help, when to let go, and when to celebrate. It is also a story of fixing up a house. A story of music. A story of aging. A story of being scared to change and yet still wanting to. And a story of falling in love…A delightful novel that celebrates the messiness and joy to be found in real life.” –Kirkus starred review

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“Full of Amy Poeppel’s trademark warmth, wit, and humor, Musical Chairs is a literary love song that will leave readers swooning as they wax rhapsodic with the pure joy of reading. Pull up a chair, pour a glass of wine, and let the music take you away.”

– Pamela Klinger Horn, Excelsior Bay Books


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Laura Szaro Kopinski


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