Make Reading Resolutions As A Family

Do you and your family set New Year’s Resolutions?

January is also the perfect time to reflect on our reading lives and set intentions for the coming year.

Share resolutions as a family during dinner time or before bedtime read alouds. You could tell your kids how many books you would like to read this year. Or share that your goal is to start waking up early each morning to read. You could resolve to read a particular book or series that has been on your list for a long time. Then invite your kids to share any reading resolutions they have. They may surprise you with what they come up with!

I know in my elementary school library, it really helped me get to know my students as readers to ask about their New Year’s reading goals and resolutions. It also helped me figure out ways I could help support them. For example, if a child raised their hand and said they wanted to find a new series to read this year, I would go up to them during browsing time and offer suggestions. Of if they told me that they wanted to find more great fantasy books, I could give them some ideas and also enlist their peers’ for recommendations. This can be a helpful way to figure out how you might be able to support your young reader.

If you want to take this a step further, you could write down your resolutions, decorate them, and hang them up so that you can refer to them throughout the year.

What are your family’s 2020 reading resolutions?

Share in the comments or let me know on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook @ABookishHome.

Happy Reading!

Laura Szaro Kopinski


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