Ep. 10: Jo Piazza, Author of “Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win”

Author Jo Piazza joins me on the podcast this week to discuss her latest book, Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win. Jo Piazza is a bestselling author, award-winning journalist and digital strategist. She has written seven critically acclaimed books, both fiction and non-fiction including How to Be Married, The Knockoff, and Fitness Junkie. Her new novel follows Charlotte Walsh, who leaves her high-powered Silicon Valley job and returns to her small hometown in Pennsylvania to run for the Senate.



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You can find Jo Piazza on Instagram @jopiazzaauthor and her website is JoPiazza.com.



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Indiebound     Amazon



Indiebound     Amazon



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Indiebound     Amazon



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Indiebound    Amazon


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Laura Szaro Kopinski



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