Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

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Friday, March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’s birthday and Read Across America Day! I’m celebrating all week long with Seuss read alouds and activities in the library and Seuss bedtime read alouds for my little one. I’ve also invited teachers and students to vote for their favorite Dr. Seuss book with stickers on a display outside the library.

Here are some of the top picks so far, which you might want to share with the kids in your life to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday!


My favorite Dr. Seuss book is Oh The Thinks You Can Think, which makes a great read aloud for any age.


I love the way Dr. Seuss encourages us to use our imaginations in this one and I emphasize how cool it is that he makes up so many interesting creatures, places, games, and even food in the story. For the older students, we make the connection that this is what some of our favorite fantasy authors do, for example JK Rowling’s creation of “Quidditch”, “Hogwarts”, and “Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans”. After we read, I like to challenge students to make up their own words, like Dr. Seuss did, at one of our centers. It’s been so fun seeing what they come up with!

On Friday, we’ll have a special “breakfast for dinner” for our Seuss celebration at home. I’m going to make this green eggs and ham recipe from 100 Days of Read Food. I like that I don’t have to go out and buy green food coloring for this one, she just blends in some kale.

Green Eggs and Ham Recipe from 100 Days of Real Food

I hope you have fun celebrating! Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!


Update: If like me, you realize you are short a few shopping ingredients, you can improvise and do green eggs with avocado and bacon!




3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

  1. Green Eggs and Ham was always our favourite. Two decades later I can still feel my daughter’s breathless joy as she anticipated the next line. What priceless memories!

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